The performance of equality

At the 1936 Olympic Games, Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the literal beating heart of rising Nazi Germany. His performances towered over the fallacy of the regime’s assertion of racial superiority, and the combination of his victories and sheer contextual magnificence will surely be remembered for as long as there is sport. The […]

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A letter to my white friends

I see a lot of people – people I respect, love, value – saying they feel uneducated, that they don’t know many black people, that they want to be supportive but are afraid of saying the wrong thing, that they don’t know how to help, how to effect the change that needs to be made. […]

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Why was Justin Gatlin booed?

Things between Justin Gatlin and athletics fans came to a head at the World Championships in London last night, as the 56,000-strong crowd let him know what they think of him.  It’s no use asking why other drugs cheats weren’t booed, because Gatlin isn’t other drugs cheats.  Let’s look instead at what he has done […]

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